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Book your Last Minute Ski Holidays with French Mountain Trip

To get the best in last minute ski holidays you normally find yourself searching around varying websites until you find the best choice for you. French Mountain Trip is a new platform that has invited experts of the mountains to list everything from accommodation, ski lessons, ski hire and lift passes, all under one easy to use website. French Mountain Trip’s unique platform allows you to search for last minute ski holidays in a systematic way from start to payment, keeping the best prices for the user as no travel agency commission is required.

When it comes to looking for last minute ski holidays, you are normally hoping to find a cancellation with a good offer. In some cases you are left with the holidays no-one wants. Either that or the hotel or chalet is close to a building site or a noisy bar or restaurant. Sometimes the frustration of booking what you want becomes more hassle than it’s worth! With last minute ski holidays things are not always what they seem. 

Where do you wish to go?Select the mountains you are looking for with excellent reviews.

Last minute but easy to book

Wouldn’t it be better to search for quality accommodation, the best in ski lesson opportunities, the highest standard of ski equipment and the delivery of your ski pass, all under one roof and conducted in one financial transaction? This would make your last minute ski holiday booking so much easier. 

French Mountain Trip has been assembled to offer users a way to book last minute ski holidays using technology that allows an immediate and direct breakdown of costs to each partner, creating a marketplace scenario for the user and a direct means of remuneration for the partner. 

There are many elements to think about along the way when looking for that ideal last minute ski holiday. The choice of resort, accommodation and preferred method of transport are all important issues. These questions need answering. Each French Mountain Trip partner offers the most cost effective solution for last minute ski holidays, especially on price, as all partners quote the same prices as in resort and with no hidden extras or commission. French Mountain Trip is a name only. It is the expert ski holiday partners that are the real heroes of the service. No more hassle in booking last minute ski holidays as each partner has the users passion and expertise in offering the very best of an all-in-one ski holiday booking service. 

Discover our services

With any last minute ski holiday the availability of services is paramount. Why book a last minute ski holiday when you can’t get the services you wish? On French Mountain Trip the availability is growing daily. When looking for a preferred resort, the sites search mechanism gives options from the more popular to the lesser known resorts. The choice of hotels from 3 to 5 star are clearly shown and then the options for ski lessons, ski pass and ski equipment are easy to book. All options are kept in a safe basket and paid for all at once. 

The choice for skiers and snowboarders are available through partner esf in all resorts. With 17,000 instructors across the French Alps you can be rest assured there will be a lesson plan just for you. French Mountain Trip gives the very best of lesson programmes available from esf in each resort from group to private bookings. Lessons for the whole family from children to adults are all catered for. 
The ski hire and lift passes are available with prices straight from the horses mouth. Remember, French Mountain Trip does not have the fees associated with regular travel agency websites as the partners use the platform to display the best cost possible.