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Les Vosges

A department that houses resorts on a human scale that are ideal for winter sports!

Spend an invigorating and exotic stay in the heart of nature

The Vosges is a department of the Grand Est and the former Lorraine which shelters the Vosges massif, from which it takes its name. Although it is not as extensive as the Alps, it is home to several human-sized ski resorts that attract many skiers every year! The Vosges offers a natural and very well preserved environment with a great diversity of reliefs. You will find trails suitable for the whole family to slide at full speed or to criss-cross the snow in complete serenity. Some trails are open and offer a bird's eye view of the bottom of the resort, others are in the heart of the forest and offer an authentic and natural skiing experience.

If you like winter sports, you will be delighted by the infrastructure of the Vosges resorts, which can be adapted to alpine skiing but also to snowboarding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and many other activities. You will find areas dedicated to freestyle but also slopes of the resort for beginners or small parts of the domain reserved for toddlers. Something to satisfy all desires!

The Vosges department benefits from an ideal climate for snow sports and a significant snowfall that allows skiers to enjoy winter sports for a good part of the winter season. If you are looking for a resort on a human scale with modern infrastructures in a natural and wild environment, you have a good chance of finding it in the Vosges!